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As with all modern laptops, there’s still a webcam in the bezel, built-in mic (a dual array model is listed here) and tiny stereo speakers which sound out from under the front edge through small perforations in the casework.

The card slot will be of especial value here since HP fits a minute 32 GB internal storage drive, from which around 20 GB is available after the Windows OS and other software has been accounted for.

That 20 GB will quickly prove too small; but on the other hand we were a little impressed that Windows has been trimmed from its usual 20 GB bloat for a basic install, to less than 10 GB. You can pop in a 64 GB SDCX card for under 20 quid though, to give you the storage breathing space you will urgently need.

If abbreviations do not appear below, please spell out the word or words. Aufsteig und Niedergang der römischen Welt (followed by Roman numeral of series, and Arabic numeral[s] of volume number, date of publications in parentheses, and page numbers: e.g., ANRW II.33.6 [1992]: 4709-23).

Please also note that some abbreviations appear in italics (i.e., underlined in the manuscript) others do not. Biblical books: Separate chapter and verse with a period, not a colon.

With a single-core score of 1022 points, and 1797 points for multi-core mode, its result is somewhere between an i Phone 5 and i Phone 5s, for instance.

We tried the Cinebench 15 test to get an alternative guide to its speed, and saw figures of 41 and 75 points for the same two modes of processor operation.

That knocks off the traditional Windows tax that the manufacturer pays to Microsoft, with the cost then passed to the customer. The Stream 11 has Windows 8.1 with Bing already installed, which requires the hardware maker only to agree not to switch the default internet search engine away from Microsoft’s Bing service, before the product is packed and shipped.