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After a 10-year journey filled with ups and downs, Richard Imirowicz, Terrence Heath and their two children were at the altar, making sure their commitment as a couple and a family was publicly recognized.

Although we tried for 2 years, we knew it wasn’t possible for us then. I decided to celebrate with a drink at a local bar after.

During one of our last phone calls, Steve said, “let’s go to college… With a tap on the shoulder, I turned back to see Steve at the same bar.

He never wrote, though -- Heath was a vegetarian, Imirowicz an avowed carnivore. An ex-boyfriend he'd dated for 18 months wanted to give things one more shot, and Imirowicz agreed, thinking he "didn't want to be a flaky relationship person." He told Heath as much, but then continued to call and invite him to hang out as friends.