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Dating desktop net post list htm

This meant identifying every social networking account, every email account and every online service I had ever signed up to.

Knowing what they knew, they could have gone down the personal route, using information about my family or fiance to target me.

Instead they decided to appeal to my journalistic instincts.

I received an email from an account named 'Ricardo Almeida', requesting a meeting later in the week.

As there was no context to the request I ignored it; approaching a journalist in such a way, however, is particularly likely to be successful.

The most important property of the Date Time Picker is the Value property, which holds the selected date and time.

Parse Exact() methods for converting a string-based date to a System.

While these details may seem inconsequential, they all helped the hackers to build up a picture of who I am, so that when it came to launching a targeted attack, they could make it as personal as possible.