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Dating site diaper

Would a change of art style hurt the story do you think?

It's an amateur project, just a chance to share my crazy crazy fantasies with others, and aims to provide story length rather than having the best art around (at 63 pages for $14.99, I hope that people feel that it's still good value).

It's quite dark (forced diapering, diaper usage, ageplay spanking, giantess theme, etc), so may not appeal to everybody.

However, I did manage to steal a few hours for doing this just now ;), it's part of a larger comic that I'd like to do, if I have the time. Just want to say one of my favorite things I haven't gotten this year, and think it's worth while to do another one.

I rarely purchase fetish anything but you managed to get me to do so and then want more. Would love to see a sequel, I'm kinda hoping her friend comes looking for her and gets caught. :)There is more planned, though for now I don't have the time (the comics can't make back what they cost to make, so I need to get my own finances in a stronger place first).

Lovin it I will be looking for your work :-) Just finished reading the first 40 or so pages and had to swing in and say how much i am enjoying it.

Lovin it I will be looking for your work :-) It is indeed written with several unique sequels in mind ;).

Though currently it doesn't look like enough people are interested to make it affordable to produce more (Then again it's only been one day : P).