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If the majority voted for Independence/Free Association, a second vote would have been held to determine the preference: full independence as a nation or associated free state status with independence but with a "free and voluntary political association" between Puerto Rico and the United States. That document might cover topics such as the role of the US military in Puerto Rico, the use of the U. currency, free trade between the two entities, and whether Puerto Ricans would be U. Regardless of the outcome of the referendum or the bill on drafting a constitution, action by Congress would be necessary to implement changes to the status of Puerto Rico under the Territorial Clause of the United States Constitution. Guam (formally the Territory of Guam) is an unincorporated and organized territory of the United States. Governor Eddie Baza Calvo intended to include one during the island's November 2016 elections but it was delayed again. In 2013, the Commission began seeking funding to start a public education campaign.

The bill would require a binding referendum to be held in Puerto Rico asking whether the territory wants to be admitted as a state.

The group is also expected to release position papers on independence and statehood but the contents have not yet been completed.

Guam has been occupied for over 450 years by the Spanish, the Japanese, and the United States.

In 2016, Governor Eddie Calvo planned a decolonization referendum that the indigenous Chamorro people of Guam would solely participate in, in which the three options would be given, including statehood, independence, and free association.