Start History gcse medicine through time revision online dating

History gcse medicine through time revision online dating

The schools Academies The New Labour government had opened 203 academies and planned to increase that number to 400. In his first month as education secretary, he wrote to all primary and secondary schools in England inviting them to become academies.

The change was urgently needed, he said, because more than 1,900 schools had expressed an interest in converting to academy status and more than a thousand had already applied to do so (The Guardian 19 July 2010).

'For all that we have heard from the new government about devolving power, this is actually a much more highly centralised system of control' (The Guardian 6 June 2010).

Gove claimed the country was falling behind the rest of the world in science, literacy and maths and insisted that his plan to transform England's schools would improve the education of the poorest children.

The Bill was passed by 317 votes to 225, a government majority of 92.

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