Start Intimidating strike feat 3 5

Intimidating strike feat 3 5

Standing out on Rufus' chest is an extremely large, flimsy jabot, matching his shirt in color, which consists of three layers of cloth, each growing larger than the one above it, and is secured to his neck by its thinner part, passing below his shirt's collar.

Rufus is present the night Natsu Dragneel attacks their lodging and is just as shocked at the sight of Natsu's rampage as the rest of his guildmates.

When the battle portion of the third day begins, Rufus is chosen to battle with Eve Tearm, thus reuniting once them again after the first day.

Also, true to his epithet and flamboyant appearance, Rufus can sometimes be heard making poetic or theatrical remarks, even when confronting an opponent; such remarks seem to be musical in nature, with Rufus seeing the fact that "birds are singing a sweet song" as a good sign for the incoming Hidden event, He can be sly at times, such as when, regarding the presence of both Gray and Juvia Lockser, two Mages from Fairy Tail, in the Hidden event, he maliciously pointed out the possible ways an enemy might use someone's comrades against them.

After successfully claiming first place in the preliminary round of the X791 Grand Magic Games, Rufus enters the arena with the rest of his team to enormous applause.

He then uses his Memory-Make Magic to cast Memory-Make: A Night of Falling Stars, which attacks everyone one the field, except for Nullpudding, but he eventually hits him by hiding behind a "memory" of himself.

After the game ends, Rufus scores ten points for Sabertooth, putting them in the lead.

Rufus' hat has a light band circling it, while his mask remains unchanged.