Start What dating sites is my wife on

What dating sites is my wife on

And since this is a development, it reflects a development between her and a romantic suitor.

If these so-called innocent conversations are so innocent, she can conduct them right next to you in your earshot, can't she. You KNOW what a loving, decent partner looks, sounds and feels like, including how they'd choose to deal with whatever problems arose or featured in your relationship with them. @ SOULMATE- Your response pretty much hit it on the head. every time her phone rings or texts , i automatically assume the worst( another man).

Her past established adultery is what makes that provision mandatory. She has her views of how a man should be and thats the handy, successful, outgoing manly man she wants and thinks its like it was in the 1940's. she every once and awhile will say "people dont cheat for no reason, so there must be something wrong with you too! I dont think our child is waking up because of night terrors, i know i did say that but i noticed hes cutting 2 teeth!! i couldnt hear very much but what i did hear, didnt seem like any big deal.

Well in the past 2 weeks, i have awaken around 12am to voices coming from her bedroom. The guy she had sex with, she went away for 1 week, telling me she went to visit her parents who are 5 hours away.

She often tells me she has texted many times in the middle of the night.

My wife and i have been together for 10 years and have 4 kids together, actually we arent married so really we are common-law partners.

Anyways my wife is addicted to online dating sites and her cellphone.

I'm not surprised your youngest has been waking up screaming.